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This is a LiveJournal community for Fool's Gold, a message board mostly focusing on music, fantasy literature, games and politics. When downtimes and necessary forum announcements occur, they will be noted here; this is also a place for board members to interact off the forum.
I hear there's rumors on the internets, :gaymusicnote:, :kuja:, :monster:, :other:, :rabite:learly, :smash:, :valid:, ;), a song of ice and fire, accountability in government, asoiaf, auron is unsent, banning asswagons, bathory, black metal, bleys' crotch, bob dylan, cave story, chapters from a self-help booklet, cookie monster, correct spelling and grammar, cult of fool's gold, deadly badgers, death gate cycle, death metal, discworld, doom metal, douglas adams, doukutsu monogatari, dragon quest, dragonlance, ed's technicolour nightmare, edge of sanity, emperor, enslaved, fantasy literature, final fantasy, flying spaghetti monster, folk metal, fool's gold, fool's gold forum, forgotten realms, fucking metal, fucking your daughter, fucking your girlfriend, fucking your mother, fucking your sister, futurama, george r.r. martin, great justice, hardcore magic, hardly being located in the auto, hiroki kikuta, hit the weights, hitlar tiem, i blame turnip, i vote rape, innuendo, intelligence, invisible pink unicorn, isis, jacques montpellier, jello biafra, jon stewart, kefka palazzo, koichi sugiyama, legend of mystery, literature, lord of the rings, luca blight, lux occulta, margaret weis, marquees, massive damage, mastodon, mathcore, mike patton, mofl, more cowbell, motoi sakuraba, music, nobuo uematsu, not messing with billy-bob, numa numa joel, obscure in-jokes, opeth, other, people who are shit, phantasy star, pink floyd, politics, post more please, progressive metal, progressive rock, pyrite rabites, qualitey, r.a. salvatore, rabites, raistlin bran, rockin' out, role-playing games, sad pandas, sarcasm, satire, seiken densetsu 3, setting up the bomb, sex, shin megami tensei, sigh, slayer, songs about fucking, spam, star ocean 3, stealing your fucking cloudsong, sufjan stevens, suikoden, surprise sex, tacos of the earth, taek of ur dres, tedius zanarukando, terry pratchett, the bill of rights, the dillinger escape plan, the fall of troy, the mars volta, the pimp, the stone roses, the wheel of time, things that don't suck, thrash metal, tracy hickman, trogdor the burninator, turning everything into sex, ultros guttedos, uuueeeee!, validity, vbulletin, viking metal, wanton destruction, warriorofdestiny, wawawa, weapons of mass destruction, wit, yamapieceofcrap, yasunori mitsuda, yes, your mom, yuan dying, yunabomber